Newport 1665

Newport 1665


Our award winning Newport cheese is oak smoked creating Newport 1665, which is named after the year of the great fire of Newport. The smooth buttery texture tastes light mellow and sweet. The whole wheel is cold smoked over oak chips at Bings Heath Smokery resulting in a light oak smoked flavour not detracting from the mellow sweet taste of the original Newport cheese.

Why Newport 1665?

Newport 1665 was the year of the great fire of Newport which caused £30,000 worth of damage and 166 families lost their homes. 1665 was certainly not a good year for Newport but rumour has it that it was an exceptional year for smoked cheese!

Taste Guide:

Texture: Smooth, buttery

Taste: Mild smokiness

Aroma: Oak, Light, Sweet, Buttery

Origin: Raw cows milk

Colour: Pale tangerine, Chocolaty