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Shropshire Provenance Preserved

Moyden's Handmade Cheese

Moyden's hand made cheeses are made using traditional cheese making techniques which have been tried and tested by countless generations of farmhouse and specialist cheese makers. We make a range of award winning artisan cheeses using the finest raw milk obtained from well kept and contented cows that graze the traditional pastures that are unique to Shropshire. These cheeses are the essence of Shropshire, provenance preserved.

The Essence Of Shropshire




Newport cheese is named after the Shropshire market town, in the north of the county. Matured for 3 to 4 months Newport cheese has a unique flavour. The resulting cheese is pale tangerine in colour, Newport has a mellow buttery taste and flakey texture with a subtle aromatic sweetness.

Wrekin White

Matured for a minimum of 3 months, it is smooth, creamy and dotted with eyelets. Its nutty flavour and fruity aroma develops with age.

Newport 1665

Our award winning Newport cheese is oak smoked creating Newport 1665, which is named after the year of the great fire of Newport. The smooth buttery texture tastes light mellow and sweet. The whole wheel is cold smoked over oak chips at Morgan's Country Butchers & Smokery resulting in a light oak smoked flavour not detracting from the mellow sweet taste of the original Newport cheese.

Wrekin Blue

The rustic natural rind encompasses the unctuous cheese inside. Mottled with blue streaks and pockets the smoky blue piquancy has a mineral like full flavour.

Caer Caradoc

Our Caer Caradoc cheese is based on a Caerphilly style of cheese which is matured for two to three months creating light and crumbly with a fresh lemon taste.


Is an individual cheese truckle weighing around 200 grams. It has a natural rind and ripens to a soft oozing interior with a mild blue flavour between 5 - 8 weeks.

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